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Images by alutilacoffeehouse : Alutila Coffee House and restaurant

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Alutila Coffee House and restaurant

Posted by alutilacoffeehouse on Thursday, 18 February, 2021  07:45
Experience eating at the famous Alutila Coffee House and Restaurant in Khagrachari From Dhaka to Khagrachhari-Sajek-Khagrachhari, the condition of the body was then dilapidated.  Especially I came to Khagrachhari from Sajek and went to Alutila. I saw Alutila Coffee House and Restaurant there and then I went to Risang Jharna.  The horrible experience of going to this risang fountain will be written in the book.  As slippery as the path down the fountain is, the experience of sliding into it is even more terrifying.  Whether I give a slide or not, I give it suddenly.  But who knew what would happen. The thought of lunch came to mind but by this time the afternoon was over and it was evening.  We decided to go to Alutila Coffee House and Restaurant and eat.  It was a unique meal. I was looking at the city of Khagrachhari while going by moon car.  A small and ordinary city at once.  We reached Alutila Coffee House and Restaurant to see the surrounding hills.  When I entered, I thought I had come to eat at someone's house.  At first glance one might think that certain has reached the front of the palace.  Such a captivating environment. Then I went inside.  Alutila Coffee House & Restaurant.  Also decorated with various materials made of bamboo.  There were also mountain umbrellas, veils made by the tribes and so on.  Row upon row of table leaves one by one.  The lighting was half light and half shadow.  All in all, the interior should be pushed away from all the rubbish and bustle of the city. I went around all the restaurants and then I saw a table and sat down.  A total of seven of us went.  Everyone wanted to eat bamboo biryani.  However, when the waiter was asked to order bamboo biryani, he said it had to be ordered at least 45 minutes in advance.  We did not have the patience to wait so long for the exhaustion and hunger of the whole day.  So I started looking at their dinner menu. Looking at the menu, I liked a set called 'Lunch Box'.  Although fish and chicken dishes cooked in bamboo were special to them, we did not have enough money to taste them.  So we have to think of happiness as much as possible.  The food started coming as soon as he sat down to order.  A few small people seemed to jump on the plate. The menu we ordered included white rice, local chicken / duck kalabhuna, pumpkin shrimp, knife dried mashed potatoes and pulses with young bamboo.  In addition to this menu we also ordered thankuni leaf mash and mushroom fry.  Shrimp and pulses are brought after the rice.  I noticed it in more food stores there.  The branch is served at the beginning.  That's how we eat pulses at the end of it all.  Pulses are given in the style of that area from the very beginning. The best of all the food I ate on this huge tour was system food.  Such simple terms were cooked with so much fun, the taste of which will never be forgotten.  If you don't just fill your stomach, if you go to Khagrachhari to eat with a little satisfaction, you must eat in the system.  And if you have time, you will eat bamboo biryani.  It is more convenient to call in advance. And if there is no emptiness in the pocket, then you must eat fish and chicken cooked in bamboo.  You will not find this taste anywhere else.  There is a term called small fish rasai bhuna, it will be a pity if it is not on the food list.  As I have.  In fact, I didn't find any food in Alutila Coffee House and Restaurant that I could discredit.  Every meal was so delicious that it was somehow rare.  Not all the food in a restaurant is ever fun. Now let's talk about food.  In Lau Shrimp, I got a taste of my mother's cooking.  Young bamboo stalks are a new experience for me.  The branch on the other side is so delicious.  I saw Saje cooking several types of pulses together.  It was probably the same here. Then let's talk about mushroom frying.  Mushrooms are my favorite.  And the system had a great fry with eggs in a basket with mushrooms.  I have never eaten a paste like thankuni leaf paste. The mash was not chopped or sliced, only the leaves were sliced ​​with a little chopped onion and thinly sliced ​​tomato slices.  Accompanied by mustard oil.  Our fortunes were bad, the dry stuff was over.  Instead, they fry the mushrooms.  The chicken was also great.  I took duck kalabhuna without chicken.  I will remember the taste of jala jhala duck kalabhuna for many years. Rating If you want to give a rating, you must close your eyes 10/10 Price All in all, the bill came to 1400+ Taka.  There is no VAT or service charge.  Although the price of food is a little higher.  However, I would say, if you go to Khagrachhari, you must not come back without eating at Alutila Coffee House and Restaurant. Environment Excellent aesthetic environment.  Anyone would love to see the bamboo decoration.  The use of each staff is also very good.  Especially in the evening, the atmosphere of Alutila Coffee House and Restaurant is a sight to behold.  From Alutila to Khagrachari I and everyone with me began to enjoy the amazing beauty.  What a wonderful sight.  The stars in the sky seemed to come down. Location Alutila Tourist Center, 4400 Khagrachhari, Chittagong. CNG or moon car can be taken from the bus stand or anywhere in the city.
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